Stop the pain

Providing Care for Children with Sickle Cell in Africa

We have one mission - stop the pain

Welcome to our #StopThePain campaign, a vital initiative dedicated to relieving the suffering of children with sickle cell disease in Africa. Our mission is to ensure that no child should endure the pain and hardship caused by Sickle Cell. Join us in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of these young warriors.

After registration, here are the next steps!


Families fill out the Crescent Kids registration form, providing necessary information about the child and their condition. This form can be easily accessed on our website.

Review and Verification

Our team reviews the registration submissions to verify the information provided. We may reach out for additional details if needed.

Eligibility Assessment

We assess the eligibility of the child for our healthcare funding program. This assessment considers factors like the child’s medical condition and financial situation.


Once the eligibility assessment is complete, and if the child meets the criteria, we approve their enrollment in our program.

Fund Allocation

We allocate funds for the child’s medical expenses directly to the hospital. These funds may cover doctor’s visits, medication, hospital stays, or other necessary treatments related to sickle cell disease. This support is aimed at reducing the financial burden and ensuring the child receives appropriate treatment.

Ongoing Communication

Ā We maintain regular communication with the family to ensure the child’s needs are being met. If the child’s condition changes or if there are new medical expenses, we can adjust our support accordingly.

Impact Evaluation

We periodically evaluate the impact of our support on the child’s health and well-being to ensure they are on the path to a healthier life.

Community Engagement

Families can also participate in our awareness campaigns, support groups, and community events to connect with others facing similar challenges.

Company Talks

We believe in the power of education. Invite our experts to talk to your organisation’s employees and share insights on the challenges faced by children with sickle cell disease in Africa. Together, we can create a more compassionate and informed world.

Events & Outreach

How can you get involved?

Through our projects in Nigeria and the UK, we have impacted hundreds of children living with the sickle cell disease


Children impacted


Brand Collaborations


Free Blood Transfusions


Malaria Prevention Kits

What people say about us


There are no words to describe the experience. With CK,Ā I’m learning every day what I need to know for my daughter’s well-being and the health of my family in general.

- Stacey Sambury

Mum to Sickle Cell Warrior 5 yrs.


Amazing! It has been so informative. I learn something new every time we meet up. I like the encouragement and positive outlook that all the speakers and Vanessa share with us

- Betty Quayson

Mum to Sickle Cell Warrior 7 yrs.


CK has helped my daughter, very informative and engaging. We’ve learnt so much, if you are caring for someone with sickle cell,Ā  recommend you get in touch with this charity.Ā 

- Nisha Wong

Mum to Survivor


The work that the CK team have been doing is phenomenal. It is so noble and incredible the lives theyā€™ve touched. I am a firm supporter of Crescent kids and I encourage everyone to.

- Christiana Okonkwo


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